Scenario Based Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Interview Questions


  • How will you implement custom auditing feature in Dynamics CRM as OOB auditing is not good for reporting purpose?
  • On update of any address fields on account entity, you need to re-build string of new complete address and save it into a custom address field on the same account. How will you achieve this?
  • On update of address in account entity, update the same address in all child contacts. Describe the best possible way you will do.
  • You have reward point for each product, saved in a custom field on product entity when you add products on an opportunity record, the total value of reward points (Qty * Reward Point) should update on the opportunity. How will you do that?
  • You have a custom HTML dashboard which summarizes information from 15 entities. How you will ensure quick loading of the dashboard when querying information from many unrelated entities.
  • You need to delete an account record, but prevent deletion if any of the child contacts is in the active state. How will you do that?
  • While executing a transaction in the plugin, an error happens, how you will log this exception in custom log entity for later review.
  • Synchronize data between entity A and entity B. But how you will avoid infinite loop scenario. This synchronisation should work even when entity A updated from different third, fourth level plugin.
  • Show count of opportunities on parent account. Opportunity might be added, deleted, count should reflect true value.
  • How will you show custom formatted synchronous plugin exception error to the user? [not just replacing Exception to invalidpluginexecutionexception]
  • How will you implement configurable Auto Number functionality for Dynamics CRM entities?


  • one Plugin and workflow are registered on the same event, how you can make workflow to run before the plugin, without using any third party tool.
  • I have a created a workflow and it is working fine for me, but for my other team members, it's not triggering. What could be the issue?
  • How can you send the email reminders to customer, 1st: after 3 days, 2nd: 6 days, 3rd: 10 days, for submitting certain documents? Days should be configurable.
  • You are trying to create a sales order and you need to do some validity check before sales order creates, If it doesn’t meet the criteria abort the operation.  You don’t want to do this after main operation as it will incur unnecessary processing when ultimately it has to roll back in case of not meeting the criteria. What is your choice? Plugin or custom WF activity, and why?
  • How will you implement multi-level (say 5 level) configurable approval system, for any type of entities?
  • How you will send out Birthday emails to customers, using configurations only.


  • You are assigning an account to another user in another business unit, but you don’t want to assign closed child opportunities along with the account. Because it will have inconsistency for the closed opportunities. How will you manage?
  • You are working on an opportunity and need to share it with another salesperson for further action, but your related activities on the opportunity should not be shared. How can you do this?
  • On contact record, you have SSN no. which shouldn’t be visible to customer service agents but should be visible to managers. How you will implement using configurations.
  • You have two forms for case entity Agent and Manager when case record opens it should open the respective form depending on the user’s role. How can you do that?


  • You have one JavaScript Function funcA registered on change of field A on Form,  and you changed field A value from another JavaScript Function funcB but function funcA not triggered. Why? And how you can fix that?
  • You have a boolean field on contact entity form, how you will make sure that this field value is always submitted to the server whether changed or not.
  • You have customer and ATMs address information in Dynamics 365. Customer calls and asks ATM nearby his address. How you will determine nearby ATMs.
  • You have a custom HTML dashboard and needs to be refreshed every 10 seconds, is it possible? If yes how?
  • Your field agents visit customers daily, how you can make your Dynamics 365 CRM system to suggest the optimised route for the effective planning.


  • You are implementing configurable autonumber functionality for CRM and need to set entity and attribute in respective fields on configuration form. How you will enable the user to choose entity and related attribute, the user should see the display name to make it end-user friendly ex: Entity: Account, Field: Account Number.
  • You need to show a form section if the user belongs to Manager’s role and hide otherwise. How you will do this.


  • In contact entity of development instance, you added a field ‘prefix_age’ and imported into production instance using the managed solution. Later you realise it has incorrect data type as ‘Single Line of Text’ and should be the Whole Number. How you will fix this. Field logical name should not be changed as it has references at other places.
  • You made some customizations in Development instance and imported into Production using the managed solution. But changes are not reflecting, what could be missing?


  • How you will upload an invoice document to SharePoint on click of a button on Form.
  • You received a Sales Order in Dynamics 365 CRM and should be sent to ERP system for further processing, and after order fulfillment in ERP update status back in CRM. How you will implement this.