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Implementing A New CRM? Make Sure Your Data is Ready for the Move about 2 minutes ago

If you’ve decided to move your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to the Cloud, you might be tempted by all the space the Cloud contains; it’s infinite. But even though you can move va

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses within Dynamics 365 CRM like a pro! about 4 hours ago

Automation capability in software enhances the accuracy and ensures that maximum time is saved. Users working on Dynamics 365 CRM have a wide scope of automation to expedite the process. In Dynamic

Register for our exciting July Webinars – Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity at its best! about 3 days ago

July is a another exciting month since we are lined up with not one, not two, but three exciting webinars on our Preferred Solutions at Microsoft Business Applications marketplace AppSource viz. Ma

Contact Tracing App Prevents COVID-19 in Company Offices about 4 days ago

Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace: The Latest Technology Solution for Contact Tracing for Small and Medium Size Businesses   COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges for businesses across

Change Management and the Change Curve for Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation about 4 days ago

Change will come to your organization anytime you implement a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project or enhancement. That change isn’t a one-time experience but it’s an ongoing process of user adop

2020 Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 Offers Hundreds of New Features about 4 days ago

  Microsoft's continues to invest in powering digital transformation to their customers and partners in the 2020 Dynamics 365 Release Yesterday, Microsoft published the 2020 Dynamics 365 relea

How Do I Find CRM Talent? about 6 days ago

Staffing and recruiting for technology - and specifically CRM staff augmentation - can be a tricky business. Employers are increasingly struggling in their search for technology candidates – and th

Better Designer Views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with the use of Power Apps — Get Excited! about 7 days ago

The popularity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is continuing to grow and the developers at Microsoft are making improvements that push the boundaries of the CRM system.   Check out these new upg

Post-COVID Digital Trust in CRM: How To Keep Integrity of Your Documents about 8 days ago

Since the start of COVID-19 and its quick spread around the world, organizations have been under pressure to reconsider their workflow, including customer relationship management. It has become evi

Microsoft Dynamics Can Help You Adapt to Face the Challenges of Today’s Business World with Strength & Confidence about 11 days ago

Businesses today are facing upheaval on so many levels, from state lockdowns and closed offices, to slashed revenue and a lack of childcare for employees. It’s hard to even know which challenge to

Analyze Data with Azure Machine Learning: No Coding Needed about 11 days ago

Benign or Malignant? How AKA Used Azure Automated Machine Learning to Predict a Tumor—Without ANY Coding   Taking data and making it work for your company isn’t always an easy feat. As a Micro

A Powerful Problem Loan Management Solution for Lenders in the Digital Age about 13 days ago

Everyone in the banking industry is following the news, you see the statistics and the predictions. There is no doubt that there are going to be problems in your loan portfolio. Smart lenders shoul

SharePoint Online Customizable Elements: DMS about 13 days ago

With all businesses now going remote, document management has become an even more pressing challenge than ever before. Companies are now looking to invest in a reliable, innovative document managem

Farewell to Dynamics 365 Outlook Client, the Outlook CRM Plugin about 14 days ago

How many times have you checked your email today? As our eyes are constantly on our email, apps like Outlook are an attractive destination to plug in new functionality. Doing it helps with user ado

What does CPQ actually look/work like in Dynamics? about 14 days ago

Over-promise, under-deliver. Vaporware. Pie in the sky. People selling business technology, especially in the initial “generating interest” stages, tend to write all kinds of checks that their post

Got a Minute? Get a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Quick Quote about 14 days ago

If you are in the market for a new or updated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, it’s a safe guess that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has made it to the top of your shortlist. There are many p

Community Summit and extreme365 Europe 2020 – Join virtual expo 30 June to 03 July – Lets together learn, connect and collaborate about 16 days ago

Community Summit, extreme 365 is just around the corner and we can’t hold our excitement to be a part of this year’s very first virtual event. 300+ sessions, inspiring key notes and much more, this

Adapting to COVID-19: Remote Workforce & Client Opportunities about 17 days ago

How AKA’s Remote Workforce Embraced Unexpected Opportunities During COVID-19   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many businesses have seen an adverse business impact. Here at AKA Enterprise

3 Critical Considerations When Moving Your Legacy CRM to the Cloud about 18 days ago

The growing trend toward Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems is not without merit. Cloud computing can offer features and processes unavailable in on-premises solutions. Clou

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Remote Workers Enhance Customer Relationships about 20 days ago

One of the main benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that the information stored in your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / CRM (Customer Resource Management) solution will be accessible whereve

How to Accelerate Your Time-to-Revenue Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales about 21 days ago

Through the COVID crisis, growth in the SaaS sector continued to hold steady. Indeed, the pandemic shines a spotlight on the need for digital transformation in sales, revenue operations, and financ

5 Critical CRM Trends For 2020-2021 about 21 days ago

The world of sales and customer relationship management has been changing rapidly, just like everything else around. Here are the CRM trends to get prepare for this and next year. Photo by Clay Ban

Improve the Usability of Dynamics 365 Sales for Professional Services Firms with Power BI about 21 days ago

If you’re already using the dashboards provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you may not see the need to use Microsoft Power BI as well. However, it can be an important tool to help professiona

17 CRM/ERP Experts Talk About 9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis about 24 days ago

During times of uncertainty, innovation is crucial to survival. More and more organizations are looking to Microsoft Partners to help them pivot quickly by combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics

1-Click app to export and email Excel Templates from Dynamics 365 CRM, something you have been looking for! about 24 days ago

Dynamics 365 data is stored in form of records. These can be exported offline in form of Reports, Word or Excel templates. In order to export the reports, word and excel templates there is a comple

How to Protect Dynamics 365 Documents in SharePoint From Misuse about 25 days ago

Do you work with Dynamics 365 and use SharePoint to store your documents? You can use the standard out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint offered by Microsoft, but the secur

Global Non-Profit Survived COVID: Azure Cloud for Remote Work about 25 days ago

This Global Non-Profit and Their Remote Workforce Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic with the Azure Cloud for CRM   Any organization with a remote workforce requires continuity in communication an

Best Practices to Get Paid Faster – Building a Successful Recurring/Subscription Business​ about 27 days ago

As Simon Sinek says – “Start with Why”? Volumes play an important role in a subscription business. This revenue is billed more frequently, in fact monthly- for 1 customer you are generating 12 invo

The Tool Every Retail Banker Should Use To Serve Customers about 27 days ago

There’s a tool owned by everyone from school children to executives. We’d like to make the case that retail bank employees can up their game and add value for their customers by using it for every

Store and Manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents in SharePoint in native folder hierarchy structure with the latest Attach2Dynamics feature about 1 months ago

Now-a-days, everybody stores data in cloud. With its ease of accessibility and n number of features, cloud storage has become the rage. And specifically, for Dynamics 365 CRM users, SharePoint has

How to Run a Content Download Campaign with Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics about 1 months ago

Ready to ramp up your lead generation efforts? As more of your marketing strategy moves online, it’s more important than ever to create downloadable, education-oriented content that can deliver mor

Dynamics 365 Enhanced Email about 1 months ago

Enhanced Email or Not With the Wave 1 2020 release, Microsoft rolled out an option called "Enhanced Email". This feature updates the current email experience in Dynamics 365. However, it only updat

Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Strengthen Your Customer Relationships When Everyone is Working Remotely about 1 months ago

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your information is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Just because the office is closed doesn’t mean your ability to service existing customers or manage you

2 Ways to Streamline Your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Solution about 1 months ago

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with many cutting-edge features and an abundance of useful tools. However, some of those valuable tools may have b

Browser Updates to TLS and how it will Impact Microsoft Dynamics CRM about 1 months ago

Browser Updates to TLS and how it will Impact Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla and other major technology vendors are deprecating support of TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 in 2020

Provide Seamless Customer Service with Case Management in Dynamics 365 about 1 months ago

Most of us have experienced the all to familiar situation of having to explain our problem over and over again to numerous support people. If only your issue was recorded the FIRST time you call so

1 Click to Undo changes in Dynamics 365 CRM – Restore changes done last, in past and multiple records too! about 1 months ago

After 1 Click to Clone, 1 Click to Export we are quite excited to announce release of our another star-studded addition to our suite of productivity apps – Click2Undo. As the name suggests, it is a

User experience Made Easier With Enhanced Filtering in Dynamics 365! about 1 months ago

Easily Find the information you are looking for Enhanced filtering in Dynamics 365 makes the user experience easier than ever before. Grids in the UI have been enhanced to show more data on your sc

CRM Software Revolution with DevOps about 1 months ago

In today’s uncertain market, businesses focus on the agility to become more proactive and reactive towards market changes, new and innovative competitors, and demanding customer preferences. Due to

Looking for CRM Pricing? Start Here. about 1 months ago

Is your business growing and changing? Or are you hoping it will happen in the days ahead? Do you have thoughts of replacing your legacy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to keep up wit

Turn D365 into a Customer Relationship MAXIMIZING Solution about 1 months ago

What do we really want out of customer relationships? Yes, we all want to ensure customer satisfaction. Yes, we all want to keep customers engaged with our brand and products. But let’s cut the mal

Selecting the Best CRM Software about 1 months ago

Customer Relationship Systems, or CRM, are steady growing in popularity and viewed more and more as an essential tool for businesses.  There has been significant growth in cloud based CRM systems a

Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Dynamics 365 and Real-Time Dashboards about 1 months ago

How do you judge the success of your sales pipeline? You look at the results. If you are becoming adept at identifying prospective clients and consistently translating your contacts with them into

Be Ready for the “New Normal” With Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service about 1 months ago

During this time of uncertainty, many companies are being affected in one way or another. Some are seeing a complete standstill. Others are doing their best to hold on, while other might even be se

Effective Guided Selling for Remote Sales Teams Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales about 1 months ago

In the current economic climate, you may be evaluating your sales processes to uncover areas that could be streamlined for greater efficiency and better results. Now is the prime opportunity to dig

Private Equity Firm Replaces Salesforce w/ Dynamics 365 CRM about 1 months ago

Limitations with Salesforce Prompted this Financial Services Firm to Switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps   Out-of-the-box CRM software like Salesforce cannot always address the

Moving to the Cloud – What You Need to Know about 1 months ago

Perhaps you're contemplating moving your data and business processes to the Cloud, or maybe you'd like to improve your organization's cloud strategy. Either way, you probably have questions about c

Dynamics 365’s AI Capabilities about 1 months ago

Customer Relationship Management software is one of the most popular software categories in the world, and its ubiquity is expected to only rise in the coming years. CRM software suites are feature

Extended End of Support Date for SharePoint Server 2010: April 13, 2021 about 1 months ago

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and an increase in customer requests, Microsoft has decided to revise support for SharePoint Server 2010 products and technologies.   Microsoft’s top priorit

How Dynamics 365 Sales Can Optimize the Sales of Professional Services Firms about 1 months ago

While a customer relationship management solution is an important tool for any industry, it may be easier for companies that sell products to make a case for the use of a CRM than it is for profess