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Business Unit Hierarchy – My First XrmToolBox Plugin about 16 days ago

I am very happy to announce that my first plugin “Business Unit Hierarchy” is listed in XrmToolBox now. Thanks to Nishant Rana for giving me an idea to develop this. This plugin is simple

All about XRM.Tools about 18 days ago

Today while exploring new stuff, I found very interesting tool for developers which is called XRM.Tools. I would like to share this with all of you. It provides a set of tools which gives you overall

Integration between SharePoint and Exchange Online about 27 days ago

Recently I worked on one project where I integrated the contacts and groups from SharePoint to Exchange Online. I want to share the approach that I followed to do this. I used PowerShell scripts to cr

PowerApp Screen – OnVisible Event Not Firing about 2 months ago

While working on one PowerApp, I observed that the code written in first screen “OnVisible” event is not executing which means OnVisible event is not firing. I found couple of workarounds

How to use Virtual Agent (bot) about 2 months ago

Recently for one of our customer I developed a Virtual Agent (bot) which will ask basic details like First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Email Id for the Portal Registration and at the end it will

How to remove unwanted PowerApp parameters in MS Flow about 3 months ago

Recently I worked on one PowerApp which will call the MS Flow to perform my action. Initially, I created a Flow with 8 parameters and passing the values from PowerApp but at the end I realized that I

Call Microsoft Flow from Custom Ribbon Button about 3 months ago

In one of my previous blog I mentioned how to use on demand flow within MS CRM. But we have some limitations with that approach we can’t apply Enable rules on the Flow button as it is OOB contex

Auto Number PowerApp Custom Control about 3 months ago

I developed my first PowerApp custom control which will generate Auto Number based on the format that you specified. I find this always a missing functionality from MS to generate Auto Number based on

Date filters do not work for SQL Server in PowerApps about 4 months ago

Today I faced an issue to get the records in PowerApps from SQL database by applying date filters (From and To Dates). I spent so much time to retrieve the records by using the below command “Cl

MS Flow is an alternative for Dialog about 5 months ago

We all know that dialogs should be replaced with either BPF or Canvas App as dialogs were deprecated in Dynamics 365 CE, but what if we want a simple dialog which will accept some custom parameters an