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Azure Logic Apps|synchronizing Teams with Blob storage about 1 months ago

Hello Dynamics Enthusiast, Working on cutting Edge technologies like Azure Logic Apps and contributing to the Dynamics community keeps me energetic. So Here I am, to provide you a step by step guide t

Azure Logic Apps:When a HTTP request is received|used case[Biz talk Server integration with Dynamics 365] about 1 months ago

Hello Microsoft Enthusiast, Azure is LCNC(low-code/no-code)development platform.There are several triggers available.It is always exciting to work and explore them.So I am demonstrating one of them i.

Azure Logic Apps|used case[Dynamics 365 Integration with HubSpot] about 1 months ago

Hello Reader, In my previous post, I had created custom Connector (If you want to see ‘how’ click here) and now time has come to use it. So, here I am integrating Dynamics to HubSpot using

Azure Logic Apps Custom Connector|used Case[To create Contact in HubSpot] about 1 months ago

Hello Reader, Have a quick look on how to create Azure Logic App Custom Connector to create contact in HubSpot. Disclaimer: I am assuming that you are familiar with Azure and have Azure Subscription t

{Migration}Product Catalog Configuration Data about 2 months ago

There are must select following entities while migrating configuration data of product catalog from one instance to another instance (Dev to Preprod /Preprod to Production) using Configuration Migrati

formContext.ui.formSelector(Client API reference)|used case[Set From based on optionset value in UCI] about 2 months ago

Hello Folks, Is it not a good learning experience,where you do relative comparison? I wrote a JavaScript to understand how formContext.ui.formSelector and its sub property work completely. Please, tak

Fix – Custom Ribbon Button’s icon is showing as Jigsaw Image in UCI about 3 months ago

Hello Everyone! While I was working on Ribbon Workbench customization, one of my colleague addressed me that custom button icon is showing as jigsaw image in UCI interface whereas button’s icon is sho

5 Interview Questions of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement about 3 months ago

Even though Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is being changed a lot. Perhaps, some technical questions are pretty basic and commonly asked in most of the interview. I have listed few of them below: &#

Integartion of Hubspot with Dynamics 365 using Zapier about 4 months ago

Hello Everyone, Earlier I wasn’t known how to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365 then I started deep diving into it and come to know there are various methods to do it. These methods are mentioned as b

How to subscribe HubSpot trial version about 4 months ago

I was assigned a task where business requirements were to integrate HubSpot to Dynamics 365. Being a Dynamics’ folk, I was unknown to the term HubSpot itself and was also like other Dynamics’ enthusia