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Steve has another chat with Charles Lamanna about 1 months ago

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat”, I try and sneak up on Charles Lamanna again, but no dice. Recently promoted to CVP, Citizen Application Platform I wanted to see if I could..

Power Platform – Architecting 101 about 1 months ago

The Power Platform is on fire! Lot’s of partners, developers and citizens are all creating all kinds of things at a rapid pace, it all seems so easy. Unfortunately many of them will get..

Dynamics 365 – Buried Skeletons about 1 months ago

Recently, our contact on a large multi-year customization effort for a customer left. The new person who came in seemed to be of a mind to change things up. What was a highly effective...

Steve has a Chat with Mona Baset about 2 months ago

Typically I am catching Microsoft leaders on my “Steve has a Chat” podcast, this time I thought I would try and pounce on an Enterprise Customer to get some candid feedback on PowerApps. M

PowerApps vs. PowerApps about 2 months ago

It seems clear to me from listening to people on social media, comments on my posts, and generally having an ear to the ground, that too many people, including many who should not be,...

Reduce your Dynamics 365 License costs by 92%? about 2 months ago

I hinted in my last post about possibly being able to reduce your Dynamics 365 license costs by up to 92%. I may have been a little too coy, so I titled this post...

Updating to Unified Interface? PowerApp it! about 2 months ago

The Dynamics 365 Web Client is going to be deprecated soon. If you have not transitioned to the Unified Interface, time is running out to be in control of that process for yourself. Maybe..

The ISV Revenue Sharing Addendum Review about 2 months ago

The ground is shifting under Microsoft Business Applications ISVs. Only time will tell if it is shifting forward or backward. Regardless, to continue existing, you will need to sign a new document, so

Steve chats with Muhammad Alam about 3 months ago

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat“, I was able to catch Muhammad Alam before he headed out for Inspire. Muhammad is the General Manager of the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&

Microsoft’s Partner Network needs an Enema about 3 months ago

I recently tweeted a link to an obscure Microsoft post I found about eliminating IUR. I thought at the time, “this is going to get messy“. I followed up with a post on it...