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Solution Strategy about 2 days ago

It is critical to define the correct solution strategy to support your individual deployment. Generally, the deciding factor is based on how complex the implementation is. If you have a simple impl


Environment Management about 2 days ago

It is vital to have a defined environment management strategy in place to ensure that you have all the required environments to support both your initial project as well as any ongoing business as


Solution Framework Fundamentals about 2 days ago

A good understanding of the solution framework and its capabilities is required to implement a robust application lifecycle management process. This section is meant as an overview of the solution


Excited to Announce… about 2 days ago

It gives me great excitement to announce that I will now be writing for the Power Automate Community blog. It is a great resource to learn and connect with other Power Automate lovers! The main rea


Understanding Power Automate Platform Updates about 3 days ago

Like the Power Platform Power Automate has its own release train. But what does that actually mean and why does it matter? To most users, it is unimportant, but for those of us who have environment


PSA is Dead – Long Live Project Operations about 3 days ago

It seems that recently I am writing about products being killed off by Microsoft. Many will view this as a negative, but actually, it is a very positive thing. The new products that are replacing t


Legacy Dynamics to the Power Platform about 10 days ago

If you are reading this, you are more than likely on an old version of Dynamics CRM. Shame on you! I joke. I come across lots of organisations that are on dynamics versions as far back as 2011. If


Scottish Summit 2020 – Are you attending? about 10 days ago

It is not long now until the Scottish Summit. Are you attending? For more details check out: https://scottishsummit.com/

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Power Automate: Send a Case Closure Survey about 11 days ago

I was helping a member of the Power Platform community resolve an issue they were having, and I have been able to resolve the requirement with the following solution. The Requirement When a case is


Power Automate – April 2020 Release – Overview about 13 days ago

The Power Platform and Dynamics 365 release notes were made public earlier in the month, and I am most excited about some of the upcoming features of Power Automate. I am a massive advocate of Powe