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CRM is not just about Sales about 7 days ago

“We’re not looking for a Sales solution“, said the person on the other end of the phone call. I have heard this many times. While those of us in the Power Platform arena know.

Power Apps – The truth about $10 about 26 days ago

When Model-Driven Power Apps first appeared on the scene, it brought with it a $40 per user license called Power Apps P2. Earlier this year Microsoft launched a $10 per App “Pass”. Clearly

Walking the Talk about 1 months ago

I usually avoid discussing my products or services on the blog, people seem to get annoyed. But I was having a chat with an ISV the other day, who said he had found me...

Steve has another chat with Alysa Taylor about 1 months ago

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat”, I catch up again with Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft, to get the latest from the Queen of Marketing for Microsoft Business Appl

Steve has a third chat with Guggs about 3 months ago

In this episode of “Steve has a Chat”, I catch up again with Steven Guggenheimer “Guggs” to get the latest on the ISV Connect program. It seems that the word is out at Microsof

Tried Dynamics 365? Take another look at Power Apps. about 3 months ago

As I think back to past customers of Dynamics 365, not all of them were successful. The challenges that brought them to Dynamics 365 were real enough, but at the time we only had...

Steve has a third chat with Charles Lamanna about 3 months ago

I try and sneak up on Charles Lamanna a third time, but he was ready for it, “fool me once”. Recently promoted to CVP, Citizen Application Platform I wanted to check in with Charles,.&

The Cost of Hemorrhaging Money about 3 months ago

Most people I am talking to today are starting to think about their businesses in these odd times. Many are naturally concerned about a reduction in revenue. But the counter-part to revenue is cost.&#

The Last Nail in the On-Premise Coffin about 3 months ago

The Conona Virus is having many different effects on the world, most are negative, but there are some that may actually be positive. For example, with workers being asked to work from home at..

Dynamics 365 Team Member gets Locked about 4 months ago

You were warned, you panicked, then realized nothing was happening immediately. So the trusty Team Member licenses kept chugging along, continuing to perform well beyond their boundaries. I wrote abou