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Automated Testing For Dynamics 365 Continuous Updates about 5 days ago

Ever since Dynamics AX became the cloud-based Dynamics 365 we know and love, one of the many benefits touted by Microsoft has been the continuous updates. While the idea of always being on the late


Dynamics 365 Commerce Is Here: What’s Next? about 12 days ago

Microsoft’s official transition from Dynamics 365 for Retail to Dynamics 365 Commerce is here. So what does that mean exactly? When you think of industries that have seen incredible change and evol


Dynamics 365 Human Resources: What’s Here Now and What’s Coming about 17 days ago

Earlier this week, the official rebrand of Dynamics 365 Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources took effect. While the solution will see features and functionality continuously added and improved up


Managing Investment Projects in Dynamics 365 about 19 days ago

Project Management and its methodologies are rapidly evolving to account for various types of projects that can be executed and Microsoft consistently improves Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operatio


Dynamics 365 Sales – Automating Playbook with Business Process Flow (Part 2) about 26 days ago

We know from our previous post in this blog series that Playbooks automate the creation of repeatable activities. But what about automatically launching a Playbook in Dynamics 365 Sales based on a


Dynamics 365 Sales – Playing With Playbooks (Part 1) about 1 months ago

Rolled out in October 2018, Playbooks in Dynamics 365 Sales provide the ability to create a defined series of repeatable sales activities i.e. Task, Phone Call, Email, etc. For example, when a new


Setting Specific Production Order Start/End Schedule Dates in Dynamics 365/AX about 1 months ago

Every once in a while, we get one of these requests that seem close to impossible to cater to without having some form of development work involved and to complete those issues with an out of the b


Managing Sales Order Holds in Dynamics 365 – Part 2 about 1 months ago

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed two business scenarios our customers often encounter.  One was a manufacturing company that produces plastic parts for the automotive industry who receiv


Managing Sales Order Holds in Dynamics 365 – Part 1 about 1 months ago

Today’s blog goes over how to use the Sales Order Hold function in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Let’s consider two very typical business scenarios our customers often encounter: 1. A ma


2019 Habitat for Humanity Build: More Than Just Volunteer Work about 2 months ago

As anyone who reads our social media posts regularly already knows, earlier this year we joined a Habitat for Humanity build for a day. While volunteering for H4H is a fantastic idea at any time in