SQL 4 CDS - querying teamroles about 5 days ago

  In my previous post on the SQL 4 CDS XRMToolbox tool, Dynamics 365 tool you should use — SQL 4 CDS, I used it to check for deactivated workflows, get versions and export data. I have been using


Dynamics 365 - mobile offline profile error about 8 days ago

  I have a love/hate relationship with Mobile offline and today it threw an error in one environment that wasn’t occuring in the any of the other environments with the same Mobile offline profile


Dynamics 365 and AD security groups about 21 days ago

Dynamics 365 has some security features which integrate Dynamics 365 with AD Groups. AD Groups can be used to grant and restrict access to a Dynamics 365 environment and with AAD security teams you ca


Dynamics 365 - MB-200 Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core study notes about 26 days ago

  I recently passed the the MB-200 certification and here are my study notes. The notes are best used once you have gone through all the skills required and our in the final week of studying for


Hosk’s top articles of the week - 17th June about 27 days ago

  I want problems to punch me in the face, not sneak up behind me and kick me on the butt #HoskWisdom Articles of the week on being lost — strategy and context Long and interesting article on bus


Dynamics 365 tool you should use - SQL 4 CDS about 27 days ago

  SQL 4 CDS is a XRMToolBox tool from Mark Carrington that will change the way you query data in Dynamics and can speed up query multiple environments. You can create scripts which you can quickl


Remove unnecessary requirements and deliver the project on time about 28 days ago

If functionality isn’t a clear yes then make it a clear no #HoskWisdom User want everything that will make their work easier, but what do they really need. If you can remove those unnecessary requirem


The two skills of modern developers are creating solutions without code and deploying them automatically about 1 months ago

The two skills of modern developers. Creating solutions without code and deploying them automatically. The driving force of successful projects is being able to deliver solutions into production, to g


Dynamics 365 - Different environment, different country label about 1 months ago

Whilst setting up a new environment I ran into an odd and annoying currency problem. The Problem Created new environment Imported base solution (entities, views, fields, security roles etc) — worked I


Dynamics 365 solution error - Components are missing, import the managed solution with these Components (Active)! about 1 months ago

Importing managed solution is more of an art than a science #HoskWisdom Sometimes importing a managed solution without getting an unhelpful dependency error can feel like skiing down a black run blind


40 Tips to help you improve as Dynamics developer about 1 months ago

You shouldn’t write code, you are not willing to test #HoskWisdom I have compiled a list of tips to improve as a Dynamics developer made up of blog posts I have written and blog posts I should have wr


Dynamics 365 - The cost of manual deployments activities about 1 months ago

We can create a customisation that meet customer requirements quickly but they must be maintainable and moved between environments without manual tasks or you create a growing maintenance backlog. The


Dynamics 365 - Document templates, guids and workflows about 1 months ago

When it comes to guids, take your lead from the boy band NSYNC #HoskWisdom I had a problem with Document templates, guids and getting out of sync between environments. When guids are out of sync, manu


Creating a Flow which triggers where regarding field = lead about 1 months ago

I was writing a flow my SMS entity, like the email entity the regarding can be any type. I wanted my Flow to only trigger if the Flow was of type lead. There is a useful looking Dynamics content Regar


Hosk’s top articles of the week - 17th May about 1 months ago

  You have more to fear from friends than from enemies — Robert Greene Articles of the week Coronavirus — the basic dance steps everyone can follow Top 10 articles of the week I Just Heard That Monoli


Dynamics 365 and ALM/DevOps Information to get you started about 1 months ago

ALM takes the boredom out of development #HoskWisdom ALM and automated release management has moved from a nice to have to a must have for enterprise projects in Dynamics 365. The more developers you


Woohoo - You can query Dynamics 365 (CDS) with SQL….again about 2 months ago

When was the last time you heard anyone getting excited about SQL? #HoskWisdom   It’s a crazy world when Microsoft announces NEW functionality of being able to Use SQL to query data in CDS and th


How will IT projects change when the lockdown ends about 2 months ago

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Alan Watts After much of the world has been in lockdown for the last month or more, the curve… <


Why are you so busy? And what can you do about it? about 2 months ago

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”– Henry David Thoreau Whenever you ask someone how they are, they often reply busy. Everyone is busy, to-do list


Dynamics 365 — how solution layering can help you resolve solution updating problems about 2 months ago

A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved. Dorothea Brande I was importing a managed solution into my test environment, only to find it wasn’t updating the Canvas App. There can be many reason