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Tip #1329: Video Guide to 2020 Wave 1: Adding Images to Knowledge Articles about 18 hours ago

In today’s video tip, we cover how to add images to knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 in 2020 Wave 1. Traditionally, if you wanted to include images in knowledge articles, you had to host them


Tip #1328: Video Guide to 2020 Wave 1: Customize the Case Resolution dialog about 3 days ago

I wish we could customize the fields that appear on the case resolution dialog Every D365 Customer Service user ever Dynamics 365 2020 Wave 1 introduces a new setting that lets you use a quick create


Tip #1327: Validators on user profile pages in Power Apps portals about 4 days ago

&tl;dr For a custom validator to work on a user profile page, the validator must have validationGroup set to “Profile“. I’m trying to apply custom JavaScript validation on Profil


Tip #1326: Video Guide to Installing 2020 Wave 1 Preview about 5 days ago

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 Wave 1 is coming in April. To get ready for it we are putting together some video guides to some of the new features. In the first video tip from the series we cov


Tip #1325: Identify restricted entities about 10 days ago

How can I get a list of entities that are not restricted in CDS for people who do not have Dynamics licenses? some guy on Twitter There is no up to date published list that I am aware of, but here is


Tip #1324: Embed canvas: one, two, many about 11 days ago

Today’s tip is from Linn Zaw Win. Got a tip? Send it to jar@crmtipoftheday.com (and include either your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile link for the eternal appreciation link). Previously, yo


Tip #1323: Kill the case customer field about 12 days ago

The “Customer” field on cases is a bad idea, and you can’t change it to not-required. I just want to add a lookup to accounts and automatically populate the customer field. Anonymous


Tip #1322: Incorrect increment and decrement in Power Automate about 13 days ago

&tl;dr When using Increment variable or Decrement variable actions, use coalesce function in the parameter to avoid unexpected results. Explanation It was a dark and stormy night. The tax was calc


Tip #1321: Formatting currency values in Power Apps portals about 14 days ago

Dollars are dollars are dollars. Until they’re not. I’ve been working on the portal implementation where pricing can look like this: Forms seem to be fine but any custom layout, uhm, is su


Tip #1320: Keep in touch about 15 days ago

&tl;dr We are back, tons of tips in the pipeline, promise to keep in touch, new stuff coming, first BAD Masterclass of 2020 is just over two weeks. Tell me more We are back after month and somethi